Heathen & Heretic

an instagram live conversation

Happy New Year, Beloved!

You are the sweet kisses on a tender God’s newborn ear this season, and you look hot AF. You are making quarantine look good. Jus’ sayin’. 

It is 2021 and I have so much content and many announcements, adventures, and opportunities to connect coming your way. I’m so excited you’ve stuck it out with me so far, and I want to invite you to a free event and conversation I am having in partnership with a peer every Friday for the rest of January. 

Heathen and Heretic is an Instagram live conversation with Tori Williams Douglass (@toriglass), author of White Homework,  the anti-racism curriculum I recommend at literally every event where I speak.  She is working on some great new projects and other super dope shit, but that’s not what we are talking about. Not my shit either.

You see, Tori and I are dear friends. We both were pushed by this country and its systems to the same conclusion at the same time; about 5 years ago. Basically—we had had enough of this shit, and as a result, we both became willing to lose everything in the fight to dismantle white supremacy in this republic. But our responses to the existential crisis of being Black in America couldn’t have been more different. She left the church; I decided to enter it. 

I think that faith needs to be a center part of our work, even if that means burning the church down to get there. 

She practices better morals than I, and can articulate a fuller vision of a better tomorrow for us and this land, with no faith at all. 

She is one of the most interesting thinkers I have encountered. Next to her, I am utterly dull.

So, this Heretic invited his favorite Heathen to spend ten minutes with him answering one question the other asks. Any topic is on the table. We have no idea what the other is going to ask, and I think it’s going to be interesting as hell. We hope you will join us or check it out on IGTV on my profile after (@lennyaduncan).

Written in Love and Liberation, 

The Rev. Lenny Duncan + 

P.S. My editor, Rose, was asleep when we dreamed this up super late. Don’t blame her  for the terrible grammar; she is amazing and I literally give her gray hairs sometimes. I will not have you besmirch her good name.