Into the Desert

A note from Lenny

Dearest Beloveds,

I am taking some much-needed rest beginning on the 22nd. If I haven’t already booked time with you, or it isn’t on the calendar, it ain’t happening.

I am taking a solo trip in my van to the desert. When I come back, it’s time to talk all things United States of Grace.

The publishing date is May 18th 2021 and honestly, pre-orders are hugely important for a book launch, so I am going to give you compelling reasons to buy this book early.

Art, particularly literature, and, more specifically, Black Queer literature, is a partnership. We are all trying to invest in what I see as a newly-born revolution unfolding before our eyes. There are so many worthy voices, books, artists, and movements to get behind right now. So much incredible coming into the world!

Over the next few months, I want to offer you pieces of the larger conversation I am inviting you into. We start that work here in earnest toward the end of March.

I have decided that everyone who subscribes to my newsletter is part of my digital launch team. This means a special event, for free, just for you.

There is a smaller launch team opportunity with a lot more goodies and fun as well, which I will be announcing soon. But this newsletter will be taking a rest with its writer until we start that work in earnest. To those of you who are part of the reparations club, this is what your investment goes to. Allowing creative breaks for Black writers. Thank you! Your support means the world to me. See you in March!

Written in Love and Liberation +

Lenny Duncan