United States of Grace Launch Team

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Dear Beloveds: 

Here it is. The official sign up to join the United States of Grace Launch Team!!!!

I want to get this book in your hands starting April 26th and leading up to Launch Date May 18th. To be on the Launch Team we need enthusiastic  supporters and explorers of Black Queer writing. If you are selected for the Launch Team, you will receive instructions on social media posts, hashtags to use, and other ways to share your completely honest reflections. I want the unvarnished truth because that’s all I am ever going to give you. 

People who signed up way back when on this newsletter for the USofG original plan, email me, and you are on the team! 

Everyone else fill out this google form and you are entered for a chance to be on the team:


We are selecting 100 people randomly for the Launch Team. Good luck!

I can’t wait to share my story and my America with you. 

Written in Love and Liberation

Lenny Duncan he/him + 

*I will be moving from Substack fall of 2021