Woe To Us All Part 1

A New Series of Laments

Woe to you America. 

You sickened and naked predator. Your mangled fur finally rotted off the corpse of your “dream”. 

A dream you don’t even own.  It was born on a cotton field.

You stand exposed before the whole world; and this revelation hasn’t been kind to you. 

Unveiled and seen sitting hungrily at the table of the demon white supremacy, fork in hand, and napkin tucked in your best red white and blue T-shirt, with just a bit of Breonna’s blood on your chin.   

You who drew map lines and domination through the sacred sites of this continent’s peoples.  You who keeps your diseased heart pumping by spilling Black blood all over this land. 

You who watched as children were put in cages and offered twitter rants rather than action. 

You will be poisoned by the meal you have gorged on, your 400-year-old feast of Black and Brown peoples shattered on three continents by your arrogance. 

Our prophet told you. 

You murdered him. 

2020 is “a case of the chickens coming home to roost.”

Woe to you, Church. 

You who have been warned of the coming liberation but did nothing. 

It will better for you to never gather in person again than to gather in your whitewashed tombs. 

You who are bereft of the Spirit. 

You who denies the Creator’s Justice when it screams #BlackLivesMatter 

You who lament your future death shall finally start to taste it.  

You have cursed yourself by withholding your blessing. 

You who with so much, who does so little. 

Your designs don’t match the cries of the crucified, and your plans are an anathema. 

Our poet told you. 

You ignored him. 

“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.” 

Woe to us all. 

For now, come the times of tear gas and fear. The times of rubber bullets and divisions. 

Now a Tower of Babel is being built in our age, and with it come oppression, tears, and raw throat ripping cries of “Padre”, “Mama”, and “Abba”!!!

For now, we know the truth that not only has our republic failed us, but so has our tradition. 

For now, as the very heart of all creation beats with the rhythm of Black liberation, you realize the deadliest of all the lies we have allowed pastors, bishops, and theologians to teach us. 

For now, to not say #BlackLivesMatter is too oppose God. 

For now, that God answers the prayers of the dispossessed Atlantic, 400 years of prayers.

My inheritance. 

For now, the prayers of my ancestors, and the recompense they deserve comes for us all. May God show no mercy to any of us. 

Our Mother told you.

She escaped. 

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”