United States of Grace

Lenny Duncan (they/them) writer. speaker. scholar. media producer. Babá Awó.

Rev. Lenny Duncan

Lenny Duncan (they/them) is a writer, speaker, scholar, and media producer working at the forefront of racial justice in America. Lenny is the author of Dear Church and United States of Grace and co-creator of the podcast BlackBerryJams with PRX. A PhD student in Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion, Lenny is currently investigating the theft of African spiritual thought by white American Esotericism. Lenny is originally from West Philadelphia, has hitchhiked thousands of miles on American byways, and now makes home in the Pacific Northwest.

Lenny is available for speak engagements on anti-racism, spirituality within and beyond the church, sacred storytelling, reclaiming African spiritual practice in the diaspora, revolution, and all that lies in-between.

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